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As one of industry pioneers in the Propane-Air Standby Systems, LP Gas Industrial Equipment Company has consistently maintained a strong commitment to our handling of propane gas and propane systems, our associates and especially to our customers. Since our founding in 1969, LP Gas Industrial Equipment Company has conducted business and operated its business using innovative and sound management philosophies, which have enabled our company to grow and prosper while maintaining a leadership role in today's propane industry. Total commitment to quality from associates, commitment to customer service, commitment to staying informed and up to date on all code and compliance changes, all of these philosophies have allowed LP GAS INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT COMPANY to grow and enjoy an ongoing reputation of excellence within our served markets. LP GAS INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT COMPANY stands ready today to continue our commitment of responding to the needs of each and every customer with the highest level of technical support available to assure that our customer's needs.

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