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LP Gas Industrial Equipment is the leading provider of propane backup fuel systems in the Southeast.

We design and install complete propane-air backup fuel systems.

Natural gas is readily available throughout the United States and is the most economical energy source for heating needs in manufacturing and industrial plants. Companies with substantial natural gas usage can keep their energy costs lower by taking advantage of natural gas suppliers "interruptible" rate. In order to qualify for this reduced rate, the industrial customer must provide means of another source of energy during periods of peak demand. The best backup fuel energy source is a PROPANE-AIR BACKUP FUEL SYSTEM.

What is a backup fuel system:

A backup fuel system is a term used to identify a propane system at an industrial/manufacturing plant, which will enable the facility to produce a mixture of propane vapor and air and burn it in its heating equipment as a substitute for natural gas.

How a backup fuel system works:

Propane liquid is vaporized from its liquid state in storage tanks and mixed with air at a precisely controlled ratio. This propane vapor and air mixture will match the burning qualities of natural gas. Propane BTU value is 2,516 BTU per cubic foot. In order to produce a compatible mixture to replace natural gas at 1,000 BTu per cubic foot (0.6 specific gravity) approximately 58% propane and 42% air (1.31 specific gravity) when mixed will produce a gross heat content of 1,470 BTU per cubic foot. This denser "Mixed" gas will produce the same heat value at the burner as a natural gas.

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